Notebook Pro 2.0 Gets Virtual Rulers for Digital Paper Drawing and Sketching

Virtual Rulers in Notebook Pro Drawing Straight Lines

Notebook Pro has released a proposed future feature early! A groundbreaking feature of Notebook Pro has been released before its targeted version. The Ruler feature was not supposed to make it into Notebook Pro until version 2.1 but has been released early in version 2.0.1!

Wow this is pretty cool! You can draw straight lines on a virtual piece of paper with the digital pen, a finger or the mouse. It works like a real ruler but even better because you can keep drawing a straight line off after the ruler has ended. It even has accurate to scale measurement and accurate screen measurement when you choose Actual Size to screen Paper Style.

It works with anything you can work with in Notebook Pro. So the new rulers feature can be used to draw on PDFs, JPEG/PNG Images and any other document in Notebook Pro 2.0.

You can download Notebook Pro here now!