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Please make sure to update by opening the Microsoft Store app, then the "..." in the upper right,
then "Downloads & updates". Here you will be able to update Notebook Pro and other apps to the latest version.
We are currently working on improving this help section significantly.

The latest version is 2.5.2400 (28th of July 2023)

Latest Update What's new in 2.5.2:
- Improved: Drawing speed & accuracy
- Improved: Thumbnail creation & loading speed
- Fixed: Graphics glitches & artifacts when drawing in newer version of Windows 10 & 11
- Fixed: Drawing interruptions when drawing consecutively
- Fixed: App crashes & Notebook not opening further during thumbnail creation
- Fixed: Eraser size buttons incorrectly staying selected
- Fixed: Eraser outline displays size & position incorrectly when drawing erasers
- Fixed: Issues exporting a large amount of pages
- Preparations for versions 2.6 and 3.0

What's new in 2.5:
- Draw shapes mode draws circles, rectangles, triangles, polygons, lines and allows editing them.
- Convert writing to text easily converts your handwritten cursive and printing to digital text.
- Section tab reordering, now easily reorder your section tabs.
- Change existing drawing’s pen color and size.
- Change existing shape’s colors, border & fill.
- Completely redesigned internal file system saves changes to disk instantly, more reliably
and loads documents & thumbnails much faster.
- New unsaved system saves all your work on a PDF or image for later even if you forgot to save.

What's new in 2.4:
- Completely Revamped App
- New Faster & Easier User Interface Experience
- New Saving Custom Colors
- New Custom Palette Saving & Editing
- New Toolboxes for Saving Pens
- New Backup & Restore System
- Significantly Smoother Drawing & Writing
- Improved Copy, Paste & Sharing Support
- Fixed International Support Issues 
- Up to 100 times faster Pen Selection 
- Many Fixes & Improvements for Saving, Crashes, Importing, Sharing, Drawing, and More
- Fixed old backups filling Recycle Bin/Drive on some devices, causing app issues
- Fixed Object Boxes new items not dragging to page & positioning issues
- Added support for Tabs when typing text
- Optimized PDF import, page setup, background loading, and more
- Help & feedback improvements


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Coming Soon: 
- Individual Page Restore
- Native Language Support including Español, Deutsch, Français & more
- Many new updates & features

What's New in Notebook Pro 2.4?

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Getting Started with Notebook Pro 2.4

Get Started quickly with Notebook pro version 2.4 with how to draw, trace, create Notebooks, Pages, Annotate PDFs, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Notebook Pro version 2.4.



 Update Change Log & Known Issues

A list of updates and what we have changed in the app and the known issues with Notebook Pro 2.4 at this time.



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