Updates & Known Issues




We are working hard every day to improve Notebook Pro and make it the best paper replacement app. We are concentrating on making Notebook Pro stable & fixing all problems as they get discovered. We then have so many more plans for the future.


Known Issues

Certain Fonts have Bold style available when they do not support bold natively. These font will not display as bold until applied and might be incorrectly positioned. Working on a fix for this.


Update Change Log

2.3.1010 (22nd April 2019)

Major Stability & Bug Fixes Update

Greatly Improved Stability & Speed

Fixed Many Issues Across the App


2.2.1000 (11th June 2018)
New Live Sharing to Any Device with 256-Bit Encryption
New Acrylic Theme Transparency (Turn On / Off in Settings)

Improved Mixed Reality Support

Much Improved Stability

Fixed Left-Handed Palm Rest Issue

Fixed Windows Phone Issues

Many Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


2.1.1006 (16th May 2018)

Added Page Sorting First on Top or Bottom

Added New Page Add Location First, Last, After or Before

Added Import Documents into Current Notebook

Added Page Number

Many Stability, User Interface & Speed Improvements


2.0.4014 (27th of February 2018)

Fixed crash on minimizing or suspending app then not resuming properly

Fixed Export Page not exporting newly created drawings & items on page


2.0.4011 (22nd of February 2018)

Improved Drawing Smoothness

Fixed Page not saving after creating a New Page

Fixed Crash on Next Page tap/click

Fixed Drawing offset incorrectly after drawn

Fixed Items offset incorrectly after placed

Fixed Options button not displaying when Shapes & Text selected


2.0.4 (17th November 2017)

Greatly Faster PDF Loading & Importing in the Background

Faster Notebook Loading, Last Page Viewed in Notebook Marker

Fixed Images Loading Rotated, Skewed or Flipped

Fixed Pages Not Loading with Crash

Fixed Drawings & Shapes Not Appearing or Disappearing While Drawing

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


2.0.3111 (3rd March 2017)

New Full Screen Mode
New Dark & Black Out Desktop Themes
New Changeable Show Top Menu Button
New UI-Less Mode by Using Radial Tools Menu & Blank Show Top Menu Button
Fixed Drawings & letters disappearing when drawn
Fixed Shapes line size changing to a smaller size after moving shape on scaled display
Fixed Random items disappearing or appearing from page
Fixed Problems loading some pages
Fixed Items missing from pages & page thumbnails

2.0.3002 (9th August 2016)
Fixed Color palette selection button issues found on Windows 10

2.0.3000/2.0.300(17th June 2016)
New Windows 10 Mobile support
Major drawing smoothness & speed improvements
Major memory usage improvements
Fixed multi-page copy pages bug where was mirroring changes to copied


2.0.2500 (21st May 2016)

Fixed crash on Paste in Add Text of types other than text.


2.0.2400 (20th May 2016)

Added easier user interface for multi-page printing, exporting, moving, copying and deleting pages
Fixed crashes related to going to Page Setup or More Export, Print, etc. before a page has been selected
Fixed crash in opening Settings


2.0.2300 (19th May 2016)

Many Text & Font Improvements
Fixed objects disappearing after Convert to Graphic

Fixed many crashes related to Fonts & loading Fonts
Fixed Add Text visual issues & crash
Fixed Italic Text now saves properly
Fixed Font sizing metrics on Bold or Italic
Several minor improvements


2.0.2200 (17th May 2016)

Fixed Radial Menu Recent Pens problems

Fixed possible problems on DirectX 12 devices


2.0.2000 (16th May 2016)

Added Screen Casting to project the virtual paper to a cast receiving device and screen

Added Backup System to cover Object Boxes as well

Fixed Backup could not be created bug

Fixed Crash on loading certain font options

Improved Initial Drawing Speeds

Many other minor improvements & fixes


2.0.1000 (6th May 2016)

Added virtual Rulers for drawing straight lines and measurement

Added auto hide to UI when menu is hidden

Fixed export of Landscape sized pages

Fixed Actual Size paper to actual screen size

Fixed allowing removal of repeated Reduced Image message

Fixed crash on opening or creating a new document

Fixed importing into current Notebook


2.0.480 (30th April 2016)

Fixed crash or lockup on turning back on the device or resuming  app
Fixed blank spots after zooming in on a page graphics rendering problem


2.0.476 (29th April 2016)
Fixed all black images, startup & other issues in older Windows 10 version 10.10240 

Fixed pages completely not rendering after a while when clicked on

2.0.472 (28th, April 2016)
Added past 1.1 purchasers now get items they owned in 2.0. This means that anything you owned in the older versions transfers to 2.0 now.

Added recovery system to single Note Pages as well, formerly only supported Notebooks. This means that it something happens while editing a single Page the recovery system will now recover to the page when the app is restarted.

2.0.470 (27th, April 2016)

Added support for Opening of Password Protected/Encrypted PDF files.

Added support for "copy" one or multiple images from File Explorer and "Paste" onto a page at once. So you can now go to File Explorer in Windows 10 and select a bunch of images, copy them and then paste them into any page all at once.

Fixed paste text or image caused app to crash. Paste of images & text was not working but now it does.

Fixed some PDFs not opening and locking up or crash. Opening of password protected PDFs would cause long lock up on "Loading".


Previous Fixes

Paste text or image caused app to crash, some PDFs not opening and locking up or crash, problems with creating new pages, stops drawing after time, converting Notebook 1.1 files, text paste in add text, printing, sharing & previous owners free add-on upgrades. For more info check Frequently Asked Questions.