Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update to the latest Notebook Pro 2.0.x version?

Through the Windows Store app, to make sure you have the latest version please go to the Windows Store app and tap/click your account icon next to the Search box. Then tap/click "Downloads & updates" and then tap/click "Check for updates"


How do I see what version of Notebook Pro 2.0.x I have?

Open any document and then go to "Menu". From the main menu choose "About" and the version number is on the About screen.


I have files from the BETA version of Notebook Pro 2.0, will they work with the Release?

No, we overhauled a lot of stuff before the release and we are sorry but the files created with the BETA version will not work on the release version properly. They will cause crashes and other problems.


I had a problem upgrading/converting my 1.1 files to 2.0?

Do not uninstall as this will delete the backups of your 1.1 version files that Notebook Pro made prior to converting them. Version 2.0.458 fixes this problem. Copy your 1.1 files out of

"c:\users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Packages\22StokedOnIt.NotebookPro_ffs55s3hze5sr\LocalState\Backups\v11-files\" back to your documents folder and rename them. Then open and convert them with version 2.0.458 or higher and it should convert fine. To check your Notebook Pro 2.0.x see below.


I own Notebook Pro Add-Ons from version before 2.0, what do I get with 2.0?

You get everything you owned before! When you upgrade everything you owned in Notebook Pro 1.1 you will also own in 2.0.


I have files from an older version of Notebook Pro, will they work with 2.0?

Yes, just open them and you will be prompted to Convert to the new 2.0 file format.


If I have problems should I uninstall Notebook Pro?

No, this will delete any Backup & Object Box files stored in Notebook Pro's app folder. Please make sure to have your data backed up and all of your Object Boxes exported before doing this.


I upgraded Windows and now all my files are gone?

Sometimes when windows is upgraded you might choose to not keep anything, this will remove the files from your Documents folder etc. Most of the time the old files are still left on your computer in the folder "c:\windows.old\Users\". You should be able to find your old files in here somewhere with the Windows File Explorer app. Normally "c:\windows.old\Users\(your user name)\Documents\"


My files are gone from the Notebook Pro Home screen?

All the Notebook, NotePage & Exported Boxes are just normal files on your computer. Normally they are stored in your Documents folder and have the .notebook, .notepage or .notebox extension.


I own Notebook Pro but it says I need to buy it again?

Make sure you are logged into the Windows Store app or your computer using the Microsoft Account you purchased the app with. There also could be problems with the Windows Store on you device and might need to repair it.


How do I speed up Notebook Pro?

Changing the Energy Settings on the computer off from Power Saver to Balanced or higher setting.