What's New in Notebook Pro 2.5?

Notebook Pro 2.5 has been released and we have improved everything in the app. If you are coming from Notebook Pro 1.x there are a few minor differences, you’ll want to know about.


Faster, stronger & better looking

2.5 is much faster and has vastly expanded it's capabilities in every way. The new users interface of Notebook Pro 2.5 is much improved over the older versions. Now everything you can do is exposed right in front of you and much faster & easy to use.


Select and move drawings & other objects

Pointer mode now allows you to select drawings, shapes, images, text & other objects and move them anywhere on the paper and desktop. Rotate all the selected objects at once. You can even select and move multiple objects at once.


Virtual Ruler

The ruler in Notebook Pro allows you to draw straight lines at angles with the pen, your finger or the mouse. Even draw off the end and still be drawing a straight line. It has accurate measurements to your page size and even the screen if you choose Actual Size paper. Works and moves like a real ruler on paper.


100x faster loading & new 2.0 file format

Our new file format is much faster and more efficient. Loading 100+ MB files in a few seconds rather than minutes. It also supports thousands of pages in a Notebook.


Solid saving, backup & recovery system

Our much improved saving & recovery system in Notebook Pro 2.5 is top notch. Files you are working on have backups saved so you can recover from a problem as well as backups being made automatically to the Notebook Pro backup folder periodically.


Drawing on the desktop

You can now draw anywhere on or off the paper. Even on both at once. Draw items on the desktop and move them to the paper or vice versa. Drawings even retain erasers when moved.


Erasers are much improved

Erasers are now retained with whatever you erase. Erase part of a drawing, image, etc. select and move the image retain where it was erased. Erasers are also now transparent on exported 32-bit PNG images.


Save drawings, images, shapes & other objects in boxes for reuse

Save drawings & other objects you create in an object box for further use. Save multiple objects as one object. You can then easily drag them onto any document as many times as you want. Export and share your boxes with others to use in their own Notebook Pro creations as well.


Import multiple files from the Windows Desktop & Sharing directly into your Notebook

You are now able to import any PDF, PNG, JPG, NOTEPAGE or NOTEBOOK file directly into the Notebook you are working on. Even import multiple files at the same time. Just open a Notebook in Notebook Pro and open the files from the Windows Desktop into Notebook Pro and you will be prompted to Add to Notebook or Open Separately.


Paste multiple images on a page from File Explorer

Select one or many JPEG or PNG images from Windows File Explorer and Paste them directly onto any page all at once. It's simple!


Improved sharing with other apps

Now share PDF, PNG, JPG, NOTEPAGE or NOTEBOOK files & screenshots directly into Notebook Pro through Share. Just choose Share from the app (such as Microsoft Edge, Photos app) then Notebook Pro.


Export any selected objects up to high definition 4k sized images

You can now export and selected objects as a 32-bit transparent PNG, JPG, BMP up to 4000 x 4000 pixels. Since Notebook Pro uses a Vector based graphics system your objects will be crystal clear at any resolution.


Great transparent 32-bit PNG support

32-bit PNG files have an alpha transparency layer in them. This means images can not only have colors but each pixel has a transparency level as well to the objects behind it.  Use the Add Image tool or copy & paste a 32-bit PNG file into any document. Even export objects as a 32-bit PNGs and add them to any page. Save them in boxes for reuse, etc.


Combine objects into a raster graphic

Combine selected objects into a high resolution raster graphics format on a page. Just select the objects you would like to combine, right click or tap and hold and select Convert to Graphic from the menu. The objects are now a raster graphic image. You will then be able to work with the objects like they are an image; stretching, resizing, etc.